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HUNAH – a road pop duo of the two artists Vanja Vukelic and Cyrill Vollenweider. Two voyagers who travel Europe with their bus and tell stories about being on the road. About the thousand whims of nature, about the whispering of the moon, about the colors of the wind and about the deep chasms of your own heart. Rich guitar sounds play around with two gentle voices. Harmonies sometimes as dark and deep as the ocean itself, sometimes joyful, bright and clear like spring dew in the morning light. HUNAH takes you on a journey, seduces your senses, touches your innermost being, makes you shudder and catch fire at the same time. Delicate, thoughtful and yet playful - road pop of the finest kind!

HUNAH will play their first Swiss tour this autumn and 14th of November they will release their first single 'Lone Wolf’. The EP is in the making and there's so much more in the works.

So you can be curious!

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